Universal Hospitals Group

We provide medical equipment acquisition; management and service solutions that help clients reduce cost, increase operating efficiencies, improve caregiver satisfaction and support optimum patient outcomes.

Universal Hospitals Group (UHG) is the most experienced healthcare services company throughout Ghana. UHG is an independent company which consists of three subsidiary companies, namely Universal Hospitals Supply Ltd. (UHSL), Universal Hospitals Project Ltd. (UHPL), and Unirob Pharmaceuticals Ltd., each subsidiary has its own line of operations.

Founded in 1988 UHG has completed over hundreds of projects throughout Ghana and other African Countries for both private and public sector clients.

UHG is dedicated to healthcare and has various unique strategic partnerships These include: The Ghana Health Services, The Ghana Ministry of Health, the Nigerian Ministry of Sports, Enraf- Nonius, and Women Care Global just to name a few.

Using this unique resource combined with our national healthcare experience built up over many decades, UHG delivers to each of our clients high quality sustainable healthcare solutions which are appropriate to a particular project and the country’s needs.
Please contact us at our head office, based in the Accra, Ghana in West Africa.